Power, Passage and Passenger: 3 P’s in Labor you haven’t heard of! 

Power, Passage and Passenger: 3 P’s in Labor you haven’t heard of! 

Are you having pain during pregnancy? These days women are seeking chiropractic care during pregnancy not only to treat their pain, without drugs, but also to increase the chance of having a more safe and easy delivery. The chiropractic Webster adjustment is designed to influence the Power, Passage, and Passenger as they relate to labor and delivery. I am adamant about empowering women to take control of their pregnancy, labor and birth. I feel that chiropractors, OBGYN’s, midwives and doulas should provide collaborative care for the pregnant mother. My goal: Collaboration to provide a safer and easier labor and delivery to minimize birth trauma on you and your baby. 


Power: How Chiropractic Care Helps Power during Labor and Delivery 

It takes energy and power in order to labor and deliver your baby. I have learned in life and practice that the labor and delivery process require both. I think we can all agree that this is true! So how does a chiropractic adjustment help increase power during labor and delivery?  

The adjustment provides pelvic alignment. The better the pelvic alignment, the less power the mother needs to exert to have her baby. Also, the nerves that power the uterus comes from the lower back and tailbone (see above picture). If the bones of the spine and pelvis are misaligned, this imbalance can hinder the power supply to the uterus. Remember, abnormal structural alignment leads to abnormal functional muscle and nerve performance. The uterine muscle needs nerve supply to work. If these bony structures are out of normal function and alignment, the nerves that pass through them may be affected negatively. The chiropractic (Webster Technique) adjustment allows your body to optimize its nerve supply and balance the pelvis so your baby can get into the best position for labor and delivery.  

Passage: How Chiropractic Care Helps the Passage during Labor and Delivery 

The birth canal is designed in such a way that allows the baby to move through with ease. However, for various reasons, the passage can become narrowed or less than ideal for the baby to move through. Chiropractic (Webster Technique) works to help optimize the passage (birth canal). The birth canal is a composition of smooth muscle, bones, ligaments, blood vessels and nerves. If the pelvis and spine are twisted or contorted, then the passage will be less than ideal or narrowed. If the passage is restricted or narrowed, the baby will have difficulty descending and exiting the birth canal. Chiropractic care is designed to optimize the passage so the passenger (baby) can move through safely to join the outside world.  

Passenger: How Chiropractic Care Helps the Passenger during Labor and Delivery:  

The passenger (baby) needs to be in an optimal position (vertex, rear facing) for a safe and ideal delivery. Often, the passenger is unable to turn himself into the optimal fetal position for labor and delivery. Sometimes this can be due to pelvic imbalances, uterine muscles tightness or other medical conditions. You may have been told your baby is breech. It could be a result from the previously described conditions. The Webster chiropractic adjustment is designed to help correct this problem. Webster Technique allows the pelvis and related uterine ligaments and muscles to be in the greatest state of ease so the passenger can turn him or herself into the correct position for delivery. (Webster Technique is NOT a breech turning technique.) Giving gentle and accurate adjustments to the low back, pelvis, tailbone and round ligaments can help create a state of balance and ease, in your pelvis. This will then promote more room for the passenger to move about the cabin. Remember, your baby is innately designed and programmed to know “how to” and “when to” get out of your womb, in most cases. We just need to make sure that the power, passage and passenger can all work together in order to support a safe and easier delivery to take place.  

Are you interested in seeking this kind of care for your pregnancy?  

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You will be able to find a Webster Technique certified chiropractor near you! Feel free to leave any questions or comments about this concept and type of care!  

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