How Birth Affects Baby’s Oral Development with Dr. Andrew Dorough, CACCP

The NaturalBirth Talk
Many hospital births are induced or assisted in some way, & even out-of-hospital births can be long or have other factors that can cause the baby’s body to be misaligned. Learn all about the potential signs in Mom & Baby that suggest Baby might need a little extra help in their first few days/months of life. Some signs we chat about include

  • Bruising on 1 side of the baby’s face
  • Baby often curling to 1 side
  • Instrumental birth (using forceps, vacuum, or cesarean section for birth)
  • The use of fundal pressure
  • Long labor/Long Pushing Phase
  • Baby’s position in mom’s body during birth
  • And more!

Infant Chiropractic Care and Breastfeeding Difficulties

In this interview, Marie and I discuss how and why chiropractic care can help your baby to latch and breastfeed, better.

Plagiocephaly Interview: Baby Head Shape; Is it only cosmetic?

In this interview we discuss why baby head shape is important and how to help your infant maintain normal head and neck function. How to avoid helmets. What to do if you notice a flat spot on your infant’s head.