I am a specialized family chiropractic physician who helps pregnant mothers and infants to experience the best medical and complementary approaches so they can achieve an easy pregnancy, safe birth, and successful baby-feeding relationship.

Welcome! I’m so glad we found each other.

Maybe you’re here because you’re curious about chiropractic treatment for yourself or your child. Or maybe you’re a nurse or a medical doctor and you already know a little about chiropractic treatment but want to know more. Or perhaps you’re a chiropractor yourself, and you’re curious about what I do. Believe me, I’m with you on all counts.

Before I became a chiropractic physician, I was a patient. I had suffered an injury to my neck and head (concussion). Prescription medication didn’t help me. But a chiropractor helped me immensely. So that’s where I started; I was the patient. And by the way, I’m still the patient!

I’m also a parent. I know what it’s like for families to have troubles throughout pregnancy, during birth and all that happens with newborns after birth. Sometimes, you find yourself a little uncertain, a little frightened, and a little confused about how to get and achieve optimal health for yourself or your family.

That’s where I can help. I give you the facts and help you to make an informed decision about complementary therapy for yourself, or your infant/child. 

Currently, I’m a practicing chiropractic physician in an integrated medical office. I see that medical management, while necessary for many, is one answer but often, not the only answer. Some parents want, and deserve, the benefits of alternative treatment. Elsewhere, such treatment is not offered to parents, or they are afraid to seek it on their own, because they don’t understand that chiropractic treatment is safe, even for newborns. In my office, communication and education is paramount. When these conversations don’t happen there’s a gap in communication and a gap in care. I have a purpose and passion to bridge that gap in communication and gap in care.

As a chiropractor, the onus of responsibility is on me to communicate with and work with other professionals to better manage your family’s health. This idea is the “gold standard” of health care.  

My colleagues and I embrace a collaborative approach. That means that professionals with different skills come together to help families who value low intervention and high-level wellness. More specifically we offer contemporary medical care for mothers and babies as well as chiropractic treatment for muscle, bone, nerve and joint dysfunction.

Pregnancy: Chiropractic care can help to relieve aches and pains during pregnancy and to also help to  ease labor and delivery.

Infant feeding dysfunction: Whether breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, even a newborn can have musculoskeletal alterations that can affect their feeding abilities.

Postpartum: Mothers can feel the physical effects of pregnancy, labor and delivery. Chiropractic care is a great low-intervention treatment to help alleviate stress, pain and postnatal depression that were caused by labor and delivery.

Please read my blog! It’s for both parents and health care professionals. Better yet, subscribe! My blog aims to bridge the gap I mentioned. It’s one means by which we can all learn how to be on the same team to best manage our health concerns. Each Tuesday, I write a short article to help you answer questions and get or give optimal care. Please feel free to ask questions in the “Comments” field. I promise, I will answer!  

Speaking at ICPA Conference in 2022!
Instructor for GOLD Learning – Annual International Conference for Lactation Education

Experience/ Background  

As an experienced pediatric chiropractic physician, I have: 

  • earned a Doctorate of Chiropractic at Logan University in St. Louis, MO. 
  • Instructed with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (CACCP).    
  • provided seven years of clinical care for pregnant women, infants and families. 
  • helped to establish and develop the first multidisciplinary mother and baby care facility in St. Louis that addresses pregnancy and infant feeding troubles.
  • Instructed for international lactation consultant through GOLD learning.
  • developing and practicing pediatric chiropractic care and best methods of treatment. 
  • presented lectures at Logan University on multiple topics, including colleague collaboration  
  • delivered educational talks at local hospitals and mother/ baby support groups to help answer questions and provide information 
  • published a paper on pediatric chiropractic care (See this article
  • offered classes, seminars and support for parents and health care professionals  
  • been a guest on an internationally-syndicated podcast for breastfeeding information and support.  
  • functioned as a mentor and coach for new chiropractic physicians 

Contact Me 

I encourage you to contact me if you are a 

  • pregnant woman, or a parent who is seeking care for your infant.  See my Contact page.  
  • health care professional seeking to collaborate with me or someone like me. 
  • chiropractic physician looking for guidance on how to set up a multidisciplinary patient care model that looks like mine.